Product Highlights
Advantech Wireless Inc.
Stand No. G15
The New Generation GaN based SSPAs/BUCs from Advantech Wireless provide an impressive 60% increase in Linear Transmit Power without any increase in size, weight or energy consumption. These systems are designed for Ultra HD transmission broadcasting and are DVB-S2X ready.

Enabling 4K Ultra HD Broadcasts with unmatched performance and quality.
Aksh Optifibre Limited
Stand No. B5
Envisaged in 1986 AKSH OPTIFIBRE LIMITED has emerged as a leading global player and the world's only integrated manufacturer of Optical Fibre, Optical Fibre Cables, Fibre / Aramid Reinforced Plastic (FRP / ARP) rods and e-Governance for smarter living
Alpha Technologies
Stand No. C2
Alpha Technologies provides power solutions for security, traffic monitoring, communications and data networks worldwide: UPSs, surge suppressors, enclosures, batteries, and services including installation and repair.
Amplus Communication Pte Ltd
Stand No. G3
AM-9341 Series Ku-Band BUC (16W GaAs, 25W, 40W GaN) provides high power density in compact size, is suitable for SOTM and DSNG applications. Designed for direct feed horn mount and operates at +48V DC with power consumption up to 280W, deployed in SCPC, DAMA and TDMA VSAT satellite earth stations.
Stand No. H3
APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) is a membership based, not-for-profit, regional internet registry for the Asia-Pacific.

APNIC is responsible for distributing, registering IP addresses and related resources. APNIC's mission is "A global, open, stable, and secure Internet that serves the entire Asia Pacific community".
Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited (ASIASAT)
Stand No. G19
AsiaSat 9 is AsiaSat's next generation satellite, planned for launch in early 2017 to replace AsiaSat 4 at 122°E.It will provide enhanced power and coverage for DTH, video distribution, broadband services across the Asia-Pacific. Besides a region-wide C-band footprint, it will also carry a dedicated Ku-band beam serving Myanmar
Stand No. E9
AVSystem is an expert in large scale device management and monitoring systems combining different devices (xDSL, Cable, LTE dongles, femtocells, FTTh ONT) and different protocols (TR-069, OMA LWM2M, OMA DM, SNMP, etc). AVSystem's key technology lets Telco Operators monitor the QoE of networks and services based on data collected, even every few minutes, directly from end-users' devices. 60+ large telcos worldwide prove the superiority of AVSystem's technology. Visit us to check out the latest trends in the managed world of connected devices!
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